Add a Feather of your Gratitude on Thanksgiving!



“How was your day today? Thank you for the delicious strawberry & blackberry snack. It was berry yummy :-) You are the best mom in the world!! I love you Mommy!”

“Loved the yummy delishious :) food. U R D Best!!”

“U R Awesome!! Thanks for D nailpolish. Loved it”

Each time I read these notes of thanks from my beautiful, young daughter, I couldn’t seem to stop smiling and feeling appreciated. I love these amazing notes, as they  have taught me to say “Thank You” in a simple, yet heart-touching way.

Let’s Celebrate Thanksgiving! 

Thanksgiving is all about expressing gratitude to one’s friends & families for their care and support. So, why limit ‘thanksgiving’ to just one day or to any specific geographical boundaries. Let’s celebrate it universally and on any day when someone helps us or shows their care, love or support.

As G.B Stern says “Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone”.

Let’s Teach Our Kids To Be Grateful!

As parents, we can help our kids to learn to be grateful and to express gratitude for the wonderful things and amazing people they have in their lives. As you know, kids follow what they see more than what they are told to do. So, be yourself, and lead your kids by example and help them become a more humble and a caring individual.

So, here are a couple of activities that you can do with your kids to teach them “How to be grateful for what you have” or “How to express gratitude”.


Activity #1: Handwritten Notes

Handwritten notes add a special touch to our ‘thanks’, which goes a long way to strengthen our relationship. If you take time to deliver these notes in person, you’ll be amazed at the response. It is completely worth it to go an extra mile to make that ‘special’ person happy.

So, why wait? Download a ‘Thank You’ note from here right away or make your own.


 Activity #2:  Add a Feather of Your Thanks to the ‘Thanksgiving Coloring Sheet’


Have a great time with your kids using our ‘‘Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Sheet’’. On each feather of the turkey, write down the names of those, whom you wish to thank. Ask your kids to do the same. Along with writing their names, discuss how each person has impacted your life positively. As a last step, color the turkey with your favorite colors. Use these coloring sheets at least once in every couple of weeks to have a deep impact.

Click here, and download the “Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Sheet”.


To Sum Up – Expressing Gratitude is Wonderful Because…

- It improves our well-being and state of mind. Telling a person how grateful you are for their love and care, brings forth the feelings of joy and happiness

- It makes you think less of yourself and more of others. You’ll begin to feel the urge to lend a helping hand to others.

- Being thankful helps you make more friends. It helps strengthen our existing relationships and build new ones.

- It is highly correlated with our spiritual life. If you are among those who loves expressing gratitude, then it is expected that your level of spirituality will also increase


Stay blessed and have a wonderful thanksgiving with your family.










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