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!!! Hindi Stories !!!

Stories are the quintessential means of immersing oneself in a language and in a culture! They remind us of those cozy times, curled up with Grandma (or Grandpa!), and hearing them recount tales of the adventures, heroics, and intrigues of hero’s past! Of scary demons and fiery dragons, mighty kings and beautiful princesses, of menacing lions and brave little mice, and everything in between!

Stories have been the way, throughout history and across cultures, to pass on values, lessons, life learnings, and fundamental principles and truths that often provide the very bedrock upon which civilizations are built and rest.Stories enable kids to hear the language, the listen to new words, and the more they listen the more comfortable they get with the language and its nuances.

The collection of stories below provides parents with a means to entertain their kids, while letting them hear sounds of the new language. At present, we have provided them only as a fun resource. (With time, however, we will be adding special “Talking Board”-based stories that will provide kids the ability to hear the entire story by clicking on the words, thus forming a word-sound association that will deepen their learning of the Hindi language.)

Some of the stories are in Hindi and so assume some familiarity with understanding the language, or that parents will spend a bit of time with their kids helping them understand the parts that kids may not grasp.

Also, some stories have been taken from other kid-friendly online sites that have made their stories freely available by listing them on sites like YouTube. (These videos may contain a link for an advertisement. So, parents if you'd like you can close the ads by either pressing "Skip ad" or pressing 'x' sign on the advertisement area.)

Bandar Aur Magarmach
Monkey And Crocodile

CheeniForTots-Learn Hindi

Bandar Aur Magarmach
(Monkey And Crocodile)

CheeniForTots-Learn Hindi

Ekta Ka Bal
(Strength in Unity)

CheeniForTots-Learn Hindi

Imaandar Lakadhara
(The Honest Woodcutter)

CheeniForTots-Learn Hindi

Sher Aur Brahmin
(Lion & Brahmin)

CheeniForTots-Learn Hindi

Neela Siyar
(The Blue Jackal)

CheeniForTots-Learn Hindi

Sher Aur Chooha
(The Lion And The Mouse)

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Bharti Chandra
Parent, Fremont, CA

"I like to bring my kids to story time because - you make the class very fun and interactive, also ...more
Karen Pacheco
Children's Services Supervisor, Fremont Library, CA

"Great combination of on-line and off-line content! Children not only ...more
Vrushali Tambee
Parent, Fremont, CA

"A/V presentation was good to allow kids to relate with the fairy tale"
Manik Pant Vaidya
Parent, Fremont, CA

"It was really good. She knows marathi, so just worried if she can handle third language. But ...more
Parent, Fremont, CA

"We loved you! You interact with kids so well"

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