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!!! Hindi Poems for Kids!!!

Poems present a beautiful and entertaining way to learn the fundamentals of a language! We have especially selected a set of simple, easy-to-follow, sing-along poems that will help to strengthen your kids’ language learning skills. Poems are the best way we know to put little minds at ease, while having fun with learning!

Our patent-pending STARR(TM) Learning System poems are suitable even for novice Hindi learners. Add rhythm to words, and you will see your little angels develop a new vocabulary in no time! Indeed, poems help in the development and overall understanding of vocabulary as a child grows. This is because each poem makes it easy for kids to remember the words it contains, ultimately building auditory memory skills.

Our patent-pending STARR(TM) system is the smartest way we know to learn a poem. It includes 5 elements: Audio, Video, Talking Board, Exercises and Vocabulary segments, which will collectively help your little angel to learn Hindi concepts quickly and easily!

Download & Print Poems!



HaathiRaja-The King Elephant

HaathiRaja-The King Elephant

ChandaMama-The Moon

ChandaMama-The Moon

Rail-The Engine

Rail-The Engine

Mitthu-The Parrot

Mitthu-The Parrot

Baarish-The Rain

Baarish-The Rain


Cheeni For Tots - Learn Hindi Poems

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Let's learn 1-10!

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More STARR(TM) poems are coming soon ...! If you and your little one enjoyed the STARR(TM) poem, or have any suggetsions to improve upon, please send us an Email.

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Bharti Chandra
Parent, Fremont, CA

"I like to bring my kids to story time because - you make the class very fun and interactive, also ...more
Karen Pacheco
Children's Services Supervisor, Fremont Library, CA

"Great combination of on-line and off-line content! Children not only ...more
Vrushali Tambee
Parent, Fremont, CA

"A/V presentation was good to allow kids to relate with the fairy tale"
Manik Pant Vaidya
Parent, Fremont, CA

"It was really good. She knows marathi, so just worried if she can handle third language. But ...more
Parent, Fremont, CA

"We loved you! You interact with kids so well"

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