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Celebrating the New Year’s Day is not just an event for grown-ups. As a parent, there are tons of ways to roll over the quality time you had with your children during the Christmas holiday into the New Year holiday. As the more chaotic weeks of the Christmas season come to a close, New Year’s [...]

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  “How was your day today? Thank you for the delicious strawberry & blackberry snack. It was berry yummy You are the best mom in the world!! I love you Mommy!” “Loved the yummy delishious food. U R D Best!!” “U R Awesome!! Thanks for D nailpolish. Loved it” Each time I read these notes [...]

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CheeniForTots_Halloween_DIY_WitchHat copy

Halloween is the time of year that kids really get to let their creativity and spark of imagination out. From limitless options for activities to fun costumes and the age-old pastime of carving pumpkins, Halloween is a holiday that brings out the youthfulness in all of us. It offers a nostalgic celebration amongst the crisp, [...]

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A red apple, a blue sky, bright green grass, and the yellow sun…what a fun way to view the world! It’s not for nothing that they say colors add meaning and vibrancy to life! In fact if you want to see what life looks like without color,  check out the contrasting images here or just [...]

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Cheeni For Tots - Diwali Fun For Kids Program!

Cheeni For Tots and Alameda County Library are bringing this program together for families with kids,  to help them learn more about Diwali along with a kids Talent Show and other hands-on-activities on Saturday, November 17th, from 3-4pm at the Fremont Main Library, CA, USA. Due to overwhelming and exciting response to our Diwali in-person [...]

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Well, for us, mantras are essentially short, sweet, melodious (or, to us, magical!) recitations that add loads of positive energy to our minds, to our bodies, and to the environment! In reality, the word “mantra” comes from Sanskrit, and means “an instrument of thought.” Mantra’s, therefore, encompass passages that are recited to aid concentration during [...]

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Cheeni For Tots has created an  interesting and modern way for kids to learn associations i.e. the ability to relate objects with their corresponding names. For example,  recognizing the images of objects such as flowers, fruits, domestic and wild animals and connecting them with their respective names. Our “Names of Fruits Audio-Visual Dictionary” is exactly [...]

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The learning of numbers, basic counting from 1-10, is important, because a key capability when assimilating a new language is the ability to count in that language! Plus, learning and reciting the numbers helps kids to improve their pronunciation, thus aiding the assimilation of the new language. To help with this, we have woven the [...]

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