Learn with Fun: Prepare Healthy Sprouts Salad Recipe with Your Kids!

On our upcoming “Learn with Fun” show we will enjoy preparing sprouts salad recipe with Cheeni For Tots‘ Rakhi, Cards By Tots‘ Urvi, and the special guest of our show Chef Koochooloo’s Layla along with a lot of kids! Not only that, during the show we will also be talking a bit about the vibrant culture of India!

CFT-LearnWithFunShow-withoutLink-v2Check out below :

1. The benefits of eating & preparing sprouts

2. How to prepare the ‘sprout-salad’ recipe’

3. Download worksheets & coloring sheets to learn about Indian culture

4. How to sign up for a Learn with Fun Show

Why did we choose to have fun with sprouts? 

For two reasons:

#1 – Healthy Eating – Sprouts are called miracle food! They are one of the most nutritious food to eat. They contain fiber, protein, minerals, vitamins & enzymes. Fiber helps you digest better,  protein makes you strong, and minerals & vitamins adds more energy in you!

Of course, it our family’s favorite snack! We enjoy eating them raw but absolutely love eating them in the form of salad.

#2 – Science Experiment – Sprouting is a very good science experiment for kids because it helps them to learn the process of germinating seeds.


So, what’s the ‘Sprout-Salad’ recipe?

Serving: 4 people

Cool Ingredients

1. Green gram or Moong beans – 1 cup –  raw  (after sprouting they will become more than 2 cups)

2.  Potato – 1 - boiled & diced

3.  Tomato  - 1 – finely chopped

4.  Onion – 1/4 cup  - finely chopped (optional & according to taste)

5. Lemon  juice – 1 tsp  (according to taste)

(to garnish)

6. Cilantro – 1 handful – finely chopped

7.  Salt – a couple of pinch (according to taste)

(Optional – to make it spicy)

8. Chaat Masaala – ¼ tsp (according to taste)

9. Green Chillies1 finely chopped


4-Easy Step-by-Step Directions

1. Sprout Moong beans (process explained in the video)

2. Mix sprouted beans with boiled and diced potatoes, finely chopped tomatoes and onions

3. Garnish them with salt, lemon and cilantro

4. If you to make it  spicy,  add chaat masala and green chillies

5.  Serve & Enjoy!


Learn about Indian Culture

While making the recipe, have kids learn about the Indian culture  and  download the following coloring & writing worksheets.

Coloring Sheet 1Rangoli is an Indian folk art in which colorful patterns are created on the floor near entrances or courtyards using materials such as colored rice, dry flour, colored sand or flower petals. It is usually made during festivals such as Diwali (Festival of Lights), Pongal, and more.

Coloring Sheet 2: Deepak (or diya) is an oil lamp, usually made from clay or brass, with a cotton wick dipped in oil. Clay diyas are used for lighting during special occasions such as Diwali (Festival of Lights), whereas diyas made of brass are permanent fixtures used in homes and temples.

Writing Worksheets: Hindi Vowels #1 and #3 for kids (4-6 age group)

All these sheets are a part of our  “Let’s Enjoy Hindi in 13-Min A Day!” An online, multimedia-based Hindi Immersion Program for kids. Check out the details and register at www.cheenifortots.com/blog/our-programs

Color or Write them & email them at info@cheenifortots.com & get invited to our Learn with Fun Online Show!

CFT-Rangoli-7-ColoringWoksheets-icon CFT-Rangoli-1-ColoringWoksheets-icon
CheeniForTots_Worksheet_Vowel_1_Beginner CheeniForTots_Worksheet_Vowel_3_Beginner


Sign up for Learn with Fun Show!

We will be recording our Learn with Fun Show on Saturday, October 11, 2014, and will post the video on this webpage  for you to enjoy and learn to make the Sprout Salad recipe with your kids!

Please sign up here and we will let you know once the show is ready!

Also, you can download the Chef Koochooloo app for this and many more delicious recipes from around the world  that you can enjoy making with your kids.

Remember to visit Urvi’s www.cardsbytots.com to enjoy the cool cartoons, designs, and cards!

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