New Year’s Activities for Kids…and Grown-ups!

Celebrating the New Year’s Day is not just an event for grown-ups. As a parent, there are tons of ways to roll over the quality time you had with your children during the Christmas holiday into the New Year holiday. As the more chaotic weeks of the Christmas season come to a close, New Year’s Day is a special time in which we are not only readying to get back to the normalcy of our daily lives, but also we are coming into a brand new year full of wonder and possibility.

Creating activities to do with your kids is a great way to share that feeling of possibility for the New Year and to take a moment to remember all the happiness from the year before. Below, we have highlighted four popular and interactive activities you can do with your kiddos this New Year’s holiday!


1.  New Year’s Tree: This is such a fun activity that your kids will really get into—and the best part is that you get even more out of the Christmas tree you have already put up! After you’ve taken all the Christmas ornaments off the tree, now your children get to enjoy the jovial activity of decorating the tree all over again! On New Year’s Eve or Day, you’ll be putting up New Year’s-themed ornaments on the tree—think silver balloons, noise makers, glittering tinsel and garland, colorful streamers, and even handmade 2015 ornaments you can make with your kids!


2. Time Capsules: This is an easy and great interactive activity that will not only be fun for New Year’s Day, but also will be something memorable that you come back to enjoy later. You and your child can craft a time capsule out of just about anything, though something tall and cylinder shaped (like a Quaker Oats container) will work the best. This can turn into an event that lasts for hours for you and your little one, as you decorate the time capsule together and then fill it with some of your happiest items from the 2014 year. After you’re finished, put the capsule on a shelf so that you and your children can see it every day until it’s time to open it again the next New Year!


3. Memory Scavenger Hunt: This will keep your kids busy and serve as a truly nostalgic moment for you and your kiddos. Choose a handful of photos taken throughout the 2014 year and hide them around your home, sending your children on a scavenger hunt to find all the photos. Once every picture is found, you and your kids can look over these photos, reminisce and let them talk about their favorites.



4.  New Year Wishing Star: This is an extra special activity you can do with your children. Cut out several stars from colorful construction paper and have your children write down wishes on each star for the coming year. Then, with your child’s help, create a bigger star out of the little stars by taping them up to the wall, fridge, or wherever you choose. Some of the wishes that come from your children will truly surprise and warm your heart.

What’s really great about these activities is that they are all super safe for any age and also just as fun as the popular “firework” activities that tend to be for older children. You can utilize these ideas for activities for New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, or both! Here’s to a very special and bright 2015 New Year to you and your little ones!


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