New To Cheeni For Tots?

Wondering how our programs are different? Or, how our Online Immersion Program runs and what it involves? We have your answers!

To quickly help you understand our initiatives and background, we have charted a simple step-by-step, 10-point roadmap to take you through our current work and programs. Once you’ve gone through this, we welcome your questions, comments or suggestions. Do reach us directly at: or at +1 510-300-5719, and we’re happy to talk to you!

If you want to jump to the details directly, please use the table below. However, if you’d like a guided tour, please look here, and then feel free to navigate to the table!

Step-by-Step, 10-Point Roadmap




1. Introducing “Let’s Enjoy Hindi-in-Just 13 Minutes A Day!” This video is a must-watch, before you join our program! It outlines our philosophy, structure, concepts, uniqueness, pricing details, and our guarantee, and provides you an opportunity to see how you resonate with the program and it’s approach.
2 Watch a Session Recording! Wondering what the live sessions involve? How they run? Watch a recording of a session from our Online Hindi Immersion Program! This shows you the components covered each week, the elements of the 13-min-A-Day system, and a flavor of the fun we have!
3. Hindi Learning Components Wish to check out and play with some of our Hindi Learning content? Just visit our Language Portal for Alameda County Library at:
4. Hear What Parents & the Media Have Said! Check out our what parents and media are saying about us. Enjoy the feedback in the form of videos, audios, coverage in the media, and written feedback!
5. Watch some “Champs of the Month”! Hear from our Cheeni For Tots kids. Watch progress made in just 3-4 weeks of attending a half-hour Library story session per week. The poems only got a portion of the time, and many kids did not even have Hindi spoken at home!
6. Interaction with Kids & Parents! If you’re wondering how I interact with kids, do check out this video of my volunteer work at the Alameda County Library:
7. Cultural Program on Diwali! To help kids appreciate culture, we held a special Diwali celebration at the local library in October 2011, which was “sold out” with over 80 parents and kids attending! Check out some of the fun captured in the short videos!
8. Our YouTube Channel with 243K+ Views Our channel has a collection of several of our videos for you to enjoy!
9. Special Webinar access –”Give Your Child A Head Start … for Life … Via A New Language!” Watch a webinar, specially created for parents! Explains how decades of research, including that at Harvard and Cornell, shows that language learning greatly helps children and gives them a head start in brain development, life-skills, and social-skills. This is a FREE informative webinar that will show you :

  • 13 key areas where children benefit immensely just by learning a new language, and why!
  • Time-tested advice, tips and tricks to making this happen with ease!
  • How to strengthen all of the areas above, by only spending a little fun time with your kids each day while they enjoy a new language!
  • How to do this without being bilingual or even knowing the language your kids are learning!
10. Still Curious? Read Our Story! Learn how we got started, what prompted this whole initiative, and a bit about what we believe …

















Cheeni For Tots – Guided Tour!

To understand the key elements of our Unique Online Hindi Immersion Program, we recommend starting with our “Let’s Enjoy Hindi in Just 13-min A Day!” video. Having seen this, you’ll probably want to find out more about the live sessions that are part of our program. For that, we invite you to watch a recording of one of our live, on-line sessions. There you’ll be able to see how a session runs, the components of the 13-min-A Day system, how to use it with your child in a structured way, and have fun doing it!

Then, you might like to play with some of the components of our system. To do so, please visit the Language Portal we created for the Alameda County Library. There, you’ll get to follow our thought process by going through the different sections of the portal, and experimenting with our Talking Boards, videos, and the like.

Of course, nothing is better than hearing the experiences of other users, so you’re invited to sample a small collection of the many accolades we’ve received from parents and the Press in the next section.

Thereafter, you’ll likely wish to experience for yourself how Cheeni for Tots engages kids, and how much kids learn with us, even during something as infrequent as a Library Story Time. So, do check out our “Champs of the Month” segment. You may also enjoy watching a short video that shows my interactions with kids and their parents during some of our Library sessions, as well as video clips of the special cultural program we did for Diwali last Fall, which was a great introduction for the kids for the reasons behind celebrating Diwali, a chance to engage in fun activities (painting, singing), and finally, for having a great time dancing to some contemporary numbers!

 Our YouTube channel with a collection of our videos has been operational for a while, and has racked up about a quarter million views! So, we invite you to check that out, and sample some of our most popular videos.

 Finally, language learning is a lot more than just learning another script or being able to speak another language. It has implications for our children’s intelligence, social and cultural skills, their logic and thinking skills, and a lot more! Indeed, you’ll find no less than 13 ways in which second (or third) language learning enhances the mental and personal qualities of our kids — so there are some excellent incentives to give them the gift of new language! This is highlighted in our special FREE webinar for parents13 Ways to Give Your Kids a Head Start … for Life …”, which you wouldn’t want to miss!

 So, please do take the time to explore the various aspects using our Step-by-Step, 10-Point Roadmap of Cheeni for Tots, to learn how we can help you spend more quality time with your kids, while having fun, and giving them valuable life skills!


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