Learn Numbers with our Talking Boards, Poem & Worksheets!

The learning of numbers, basic counting from 1-10, is important, because a key capability when assimilating a new language is the ability to count in that language! Plus, learning and reciting the numbers helps kids to improve their pronunciation, thus aiding the assimilation of the new language. To help with this, we have woven the numbers into a rhythm, since it’s easier to memorize a rhythm than it is to memorize individual numbers. The learning of the numbers enables kids to articulate sounds better, and enhances their pronunciation skills, all the while teaching them how to count as well.

Click here to check out our 4 step process to help your little one learn the numbers from 1-10 using a Talking Board, Chart, Poem and a Worksheet!

Want more? Check out our Online Hindi Immersion Programs where we help our little learners to learn the numbers from 1-100 and beyond using modern tools!



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