Language Connects Hearts!

Parents & educators always ask me …”Rakhi, how do we motivate kids to learn a second language like Hindi with more interest?”

I answer…

“Start Simple! Just associate happy feelings with the language!”

Right from the beginning i.e. when my daughter was just a toddler, we use to encourage her to talk to us and her grandparents in Hindi. Whatever, she could say …a few words or a few sentences…we always responded to her with a smile and a hug!

I am sharing something below which is very close to my heart and shows a beautiful connection between my daughter and her grandparents. Check it out and encourage your kids to do something similar as well.

Language Learning Treasure

*FYI: In our “Let’s Enjoy Hindi in 13-Min a Day” Immersion program, we motivate kids to learn Hindi with more interest by teaching them to interact with family members using materials like Talking Boards (i.e. interactive graphics), Audio recordings, and other Worksheets. Click here to learn about or sign-up for the program.

So, take a quick minute to share with me what you do to motivate your kids to learn a second (or a third) language.

I would love to hear back from you!



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