5 Ideas to Spend Quality Time With Your Kids!

I just love the cheerful and carefree look on my daughter’s face when we spend our special mom-daughter time! Every minute spent with her is absolutely precious and totally worth it!

I wish we could experience those beautiful moments endlessly…but between work and household responsibilities, we have to divide our time wisely. But, whenever, we enjoy, we enjoy to the fullest…giggling…smiling…

So, here is a list of a few activities that we do together. Also, feel free to check out the linked articles and learn what one should do to make the best of these blissful moments!

1. Play Games Together! Indoor or Outdoor…

Check out Play with Kids and learn how parents and kids can truly enjoy playing games together!

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Credit: www.theparentreport.com

2. Be an Artist with Your Lil Creative Stars! Add Beautiful Colors to Life…

Learn simple ways of how art can bring parents & kids closer together at Connecting with Kids Through Art

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Credit: www.pbs.org

3. Teach & Learn a New Language Together! Share the Giggles over New Sounds…

I enjoy teaching Hindi to my daughter and she enjoys teaching Spanish to me! I love the way when she laughs at my silly pronunciations of some words (which I do purposefully to make her laugh). Check out the interesting article 9 Smart Ways to help build your child vocabulary

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Credit: www.communitytable.parade.com

4. Eat Delicious & Teach Delicious! Enjoy Cooking time with Kids…

Whether I am cooking a fried egg or a poach egg, bake cake or cookies, preparing tea or smoothies…my best partner is my daughter! I assign her some simple duties when we prepare something together and cook something delicious. This helps her not only to spend fun time with me, but also learns the value of preparing healthy food together. Check out Cooking with Kids 101 and learn how parents and kids can cook together!

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Credit: www.steadyhealth.com

5. Be Healthy & Buy Healthy! Go For Grocery Shopping…

Love going for grocery shopping with my little helper! I give her the responsibility of picking the fresh and ripe fruits and vegetables. Whereas, my husband teaches her how to look for the pricing for each item. Read more on this at Everyday Exercise Ideas for Families with Young Kids!

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Credit: www.steadyhealth.com

So, tell me – how do you spend quality time with your kids to see that million dollar smile on their faces!

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