193,559+ Views on YouTube – The Hindi Vowels with Pictures Video!

Have you watched our “Learn Hindi Vowels with Pictures” video, which has more than 193,559+ views on YouTube!?

This is another favorite of kids, parents, and teachers !

Once your little one has learned the pronunciation of the Vowels using our Vowel’s Talking Board, and the “Swargeet“, popular with kids and parents alike,  it will be very easy for kids to associate letters with pictures.

Let me tell you why this is so enjoyable:

Eye catching images for kids to easily make the associations!

The melodious voice of Charu Mausi which keeps kids engaged! Don’t take my word for it, hear for yourself!

Easy-access  downloadable chart for review by your little one offline!

Of course, if you are looking to give your little one’s a more complete immersion into Hindi and culture, then we invite you to check out our unique collection of Online Hindi Immersion Programs.

And the best part is, our programs are designed for parents to help their kids learn in a fun way, while enabling them to spend quality time together. Not only that, our programs are doable from the convenience of your own home and accessible anytime, anywhere!





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