Hindi Consonants: Super Easy With Talking Boards, Videos & Worksheets!

The consonants are the bricks out of which the words and sounds of a language are composed! In Hindi, we have 33 consonants, which form the basis of the language, as they combine with vowels to create words.
Have you seen our Consonants Talking Board, that helps a little learner to learn and recognize each letter quickly?

Since Hindi is a phonetic language, so learning the basic sounds, which are the vowels and consonants, is absolutely critical and also very effective. Once one understands the basic sounds, building upon those is quite easy, since more complex words and phrases are derived in a very systematic way by combining these basic sounds.

Of course, one could learn how to listen, understand, and speak the language without necessarily learning how to read and write the vowels and consonants – which becomes a breeze by using our Talking Board. However, even if you don’t learn how to read and write the vowels and consonants, it is preferable to at least learn how to say and pronounce them, and become familiar with their sounds, because that will help your spoken language. Therefore, it is worth investing the time to at least learn the sounds of the vowels and consonants.

Click here to check out our 3-step learning process for consonants, which makes this task a breeze!

In our Online Hindi Immersion Programs, we provide Talking Boards, Worksheets, Videos to learn to write beautifully, exercises, and evaluations! Not only do we focus on the helping kids to read vowels and consonants, we also focus on reading and writing of 2-,3-,4- letter words both with and without symbols (मात्राएँ)!




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