Hello and Welcome to Cheeni For Tots!

I’m so glad you took the time to stop by! Sit back, relax, make yourselves comfortable, and let me tell you a bit about us.

At Cheeni-for-Tots we are all about strengthening the parent-child bond, developing a love of learning in our kids, and helping them be enlightened, confident citizens of tomorrow. Above all, we are about doing this in a fun, carefree way! Check out the following links to learn more about us -

1.  If you are parent or a teacher and passionate about helping your kids to learn Hindi, then check out the following link of “New to Cheeni For Tots” – A Step-by-Step, 10-Point Roadmap to learn about us and the useful components available for you! – Click here

2.  Our latest online language learning programs that are already released and to be released here

3.  Our community portal that is specially featured at the Alameda County Library here

4.  Check out our thoughts about Empowering Tots here

5.  What People & Media are saying about us -  Click here

6.  Cheeni For Tots Events with Parents & Kids! – Click Here

7.  Also, don’t forget to check out the entrepreneurial venture of the budding “business-woman” in our house, no not me, rather, my 10-year old daughter Urvi at www.cardsbytots.com!

Once you’ve gone through this, we welcome your questions, comments or suggestions. Do reach us directly at: rsharma@cheenifortots.com or at +1 510-300-5719, and we’re happy to talk to you!

And, so here we are… please enjoy! Don’t forget to let me know how you find my creations, what more you would like to see, and anything else you’d like to.

Have a wonderful day ahead!

Your Friend & Coach in Empowerment,

-Rakhi Sharma (http://www.linkedin.com/in/rakhisharma)


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