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I just love the cheerful and carefree look on my daughter’s face when we spend our special mom-daughter time! Every minute spent with her is absolutely precious and totally worth it! I wish we could experience those beautiful moments endlessly…but between work and household responsibilities, we have to divide our time wisely. But, whenever, we enjoy, [...]

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CheeniForTots_Halloween_DIY_WitchHat copy

Halloween is the time of year that kids really get to let their creativity and spark of imagination out. From limitless options for activities to fun costumes and the age-old pastime of carving pumpkins, Halloween is a holiday that brings out the youthfulness in all of us. It offers a nostalgic celebration amongst the crisp, [...]

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On our upcoming “Learn with Fun” show we will enjoy preparing sprouts salad recipe with Cheeni For Tots‘ Rakhi, Cards By Tots‘ Urvi, and the special guest of our show Chef Koochooloo’s Layla along with a lot of kids! Not only that, during the show we will also be talking a bit about the vibrant culture of [...]

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“Yikes”, “eeWW”, “Oh No” – Are these the words that you get to hear from your kids when you ask them to eat fruits? We all know that fruits & vegetables are very good for a human body especially for our growing, energetic, naughty kids. Well, then how do we make our kids eat fruits [...]

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Wow! Awesome!!! “Yummy in my Tummy! “Mom…Do you have more?” If you want to hear these adorable phrases from your kids, then you gotta try the following Natural…Easy to prepare…Delicious recipes! These are especially prepared for kids, tasted by kids, and of course approved by kids! The best part is…you can enjoy them too and [...]

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