You Have the Power to Brighten Someone’s Day!

One fine morning I was deep into my work and dealing with some work related issues. Just by looking at my face, my daughter sensed my tension and came to me and said:

Daughter (gave me hug)- “Mom, do you know I am Awesome!
Me (thinking…) -  (…what! Heights of self-praising…where did this come from :-) )
Daughter (with a smile): “But you are double awesome…and I get all my awesomeness from you!”

I was speechless …but happy with a broad smile …and gave a tight little hug to her. She went back to continue with her studies without saying anything further. I continued with my work, but with renewed energy and elevated spirits! Loved the way she had brightened my day!

Well, if you are reading this, just look around. If you see someone who needs a boost of energy, just get up and say something nice (preferably praising them), with a smile on your face. Your little sentence could do wonders to brighten someone’s day!

Remember to share your experience with us if you have brightened someone’s day or someone has brightened your day in a similar way (before or after reading this story). You can surely help a lot of people to spread happiness with your examples.

Have a beautiful day!


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