Add Rhythm to Learning for Best Results!

There is something magical about adding rhythm or music to learning. A study conducted at Nature Neuroscience has suggested that when you listen to music your brain releases a special chemical, called dopamine, that sets up a good mood. You will see the best results especially when children are learning a new language to become bilingual or multilingual.

Can you imagine the results when parents & kids are singing together:

  1. Kids are learning with rhythm (i.e. brain is releasing the chemical and setting you and your kids in a good mood)

  2. Enjoying togetherness i.e. a complete assurance of comfort and safety in kids mind and they are relaxed

  3. Smile on parents face is the direct indicator to kids to have more fun

Add Rhythm to Learning


1: Read the 6 tips on  how music can help at “Using Music to Help Children Learn Languages:

2: BBC: “Music ‘releases mood-enhancing chemical in the brain” - This report is summarizes the  Nature Neuroscience  ( results.

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