9 Enjoyable Christmas Treats for Your Kids

The Christmas season is the time of year that we truly get to sit down and have the best quality moments with our children, sharing old traditions and starting the new. The air is filled with nostalgia and heartfelt cheer, and maybe most importantly—delicious food! What more perfect way to spend memorable time with your kids than in the kitchen making Christmas-themed treats for the family? Making holiday treats not only provides a creative outlet and a building block of forever skills for your little one, but this albeit simple act of baking also makes for happy memories that last a lifetime. Below, we have listed some great ideas for delectable treats to bring love and joy to you and your children in your kitchen this Christmas.

Here are some specially selected & best voted ‘Christmas & Holiday Treats” from Cheeni For Tots team for you. We have gathered these recipes from around the internet specially for all the fun loving parents and kids who are looking to spend some quality time together.

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Cheeni For Tos - Christmas Treats for Parents & Kids

1.)   Santa Treat: This treat is an easy one that turns into something extra cheery. All you need are pancakes, whip cream, strawberries, and a little bit of chocolate syrup. Watch your child’s face light up as you turn a simple pancake into a fun Santa Clause.

2.)   Snowman Cupcakes: Let the giggles ensue with this cute batch of sweets. Cupcakes are transformed into snowmen with big bobble eyes, a cheery red nose, silly top hat, and a swirly candied scarf to boot!

3.)   Fresh Morning Flowers: For a creative way to sneak in healthy fare for your kids, Fresh Morning Flowers is a sweet activity that incorporates melons and berries alike at breakfast time.

4.)  Mini Fruit Fort: Along the same lines as the Fresh Morning Flowers treat, the Mini Fruit Fort offers a fun activity for you and your child, along with a healthy snack. Bananas, apples, and grapes prove to make a great foundation for fun holiday replicas like Christmas trees.

Cheeni For Tos - Christmas Treats for Parents & Kids

5.)   Ginger Christmas Cookies: These little bouts of cheer are super easy to make and even more flexible when it comes to your child shaping them into all different kinds of Christmas images. From Christmas trees to snowflakes to silver bells, you’ve got a variety of options when making these colorful and delicious treats with your kids.

6.)   Mini Grinches Recipe: This ensemble of healthy fruits is one kids definitely love. Something as simple as a green grape as a miniature Grinch face topped off with hats made of strawberries, bananas, and mini marshmallows turns into an instant holiday favorite.

7.)   Reindeer Cupcakes: Take Rudolph to an extra fun level with these adorable cupcakes. White frosting garnished with a red Smartie nose, teddie treats for antlers, and brown M&M’s for eyes quickly turns an everyday cupcake into Santa’s beloved reindeer.

8.)   Strawberry Christmas Tree Brownie Bites: This treat is an especially creative and interactive activity for you and your little one. Mini brownie bites are topped with a strawberry, which in turn is transformed into a Christmas tree with all the right delicious icing, sprinkles, and candies!

9.)   Santa Panini Sandwich: What’s really great about this next recipe is that it serves as an actual meal for you and your kids, instead of just a treat snack. You can grill any type of panini of your choice with this creation, and once you’re done with the actual making of the sandwich itself, it’s time to break out the whip cream, raisins, and strawberries! You and your child will quickly be able to create a darling Santa Clause out of an otherwise ordinary lunch.

While all the lights, hallmark pizazz, and gifts sometimes seem to take over the holiday season, the true meaning of Christmas time starts in your own home with the magical memories you make with your children. By utilizing even the simplest of recipes, making food full of love with your little ones is not only rewarding, but is the real reason for the season—and something they are sure to carry with them for many more Christmases to come.

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