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Children’s Poem – Bus

This website has the largest collection of children’s music on the Internet – with lyrics, videos, and music for 2,114 kid’s songs and nursery rhymes! We loved this website, and believe it will be useful for your kids as well! Enjoy!

Learn English –

It is a wonderful website for young ones to learn to read English with phonics! My daughter started using it when she was just 2 that is when she was learning A for Apple, and used it until 6 when she was perfecting her phonics skills! I would highly recommend this website for your little ones to learn to read English.

Learn Spanish – Learn Spanish

Full of resources! Yes, at this website you will get enormous resources to learn Spanish! Just visit it and see it for yourself.


Kids Initiatives For Kids – Green Kids!

An amazing, encouraging, and innovating effort from a youngster, Pavan Raj Gowda, who is taking bold steps every single day to inspire kids and adults globally to take care and protect our planet. His message to all of us is -

“We should care for our planet by protecting plants, conserving energy, conserving water, adopting alternative resources, and strive for a zero waste community. We should learn from nature to meet our needs sustainably. Clean and healthy environment is very important, so let’s bring this awareness to everyone. Let’s join together and make this planet a cleaner and better place!”

To Participate in a conference that is dedicated especially for children (free admission), check out the details here - Green Kids Conference
To hear him as an international reporter, you can check out this page for details:
Find out how you can help in increasing awareness or to contribute to the efforts in protecting our environment, please check out the details here – Volunteer