Names of Fruits: Audio Visual Dictionary!

Cheeni For Tots has created an  interesting and modern way for kids to learn associations i.e. the ability to relate objects with their corresponding names. For example,  recognizing the images of objects such as flowers, fruits, domestic and wild animals and connecting them with their respective names.

Our “Names of Fruits Audio-Visual Dictionary” is exactly representative of this. It  incorporates:

5 ways to learn the names:  Audio,Video, Chart, Exercise & Evaluation!

Blending 3 key learning style Auditory, Visual & Kinesthetic which enables kids to learn 3x faster!

Anywhere, Anytime, Instantaneous Online Access – !

English instructions that are great for new learners!

The “Names of Fruits Audio-Visual Dictionary” is a part of our Hindi Immersion Programs (Let’s Enjoy Hindi in 5 min A Day, and Let’s Enjoy Hindi 13-Min A Day).

However, given how popular and effective this has been, we are making this available soon as a stand alone component too. To be updated with this and other new releases, and to receive pre-registeration goodies, do sign up right away using the form to your left, or send us an email at!


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