Learn Mantras: Short, Sweet, Melodious Recitations!

Well, for us, mantras are essentially short, sweet, melodious (or, to us, magical!) recitations that add loads of positive energy to our minds, to our bodies, and to the environment! In reality, the word “mantra” comes from Sanskrit, and means “an instrument of thought.” Mantra’s, therefore, encompass passages that are recited to aid concentration during meditation.

Of course, we believe they are also an excellent medium for learning complex “Sanskrit” vocabulary. “Sanskrit” (meaning “refined” or “purified”), is an ancient Indic language, in which the ancient Hindu scriptures and classical Indian epics are written.

Most importantly, each mantra is structured with primordial sounds, and develops systematically to include the natural progressions of sounds as created by the human mouth.

Mantras are an important component of our Hindi Immersion Program to help kids learn complex vocabulary!

Check out the sample Talking board and audio for the Ganesha Mantra.

Click here  to go to a page that expands on  the importance, meaning, and value of: Ganesh Mantra, Gayatri Mantra, Guru Mantra, Namokar Mantra.

Did you enjoy the Ganesh Mantra (and we’re sure you did!) ? Would you like to see the rest? The Talking Boards and their downloadable audios of all the mantras above are part of our unique, online Hindi Immersion Programs!


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