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Learning to write is a key component of a complete approach to assimilating a new language. Our worksheet section is designed to systematically train kids to write! Writing is a great way to immerse oneself in a language, and helps one express one’s thoughts when speaking is not possible or required: as in letters, emails, [...]

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Did you know that kids learn better with association? That is, if they are able to link a word to a picture or a link a sound to a picture, especially a picture of an object that they are already familiar with, they learn the new sound or word that much more quickly! The purpose [...]

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The learning of numbers, basic counting from 1-10, is important, because a key capability when assimilating a new language is the ability to count in that language! Plus, learning and reciting the numbers helps kids to improve their pronunciation, thus aiding the assimilation of the new language. To help with this, we have woven the [...]

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